Restorative Approaches


In January 2015, Rose Hill become a Restorative Approach School.  Every member of staff has been trained in the values of Restorative Approaches and how to use Restorative Meetings to support children with conflicts. Each class has a Restorative Agent who work closely with the midday staff to ensure that play times are happy and incident free.

What does Restorative Approach mean?

It is an inclusive ethos that gives everyone within the school community the opportunity to build, repair and maintain relationships by building on  values such as:

honesty, respect, individuality, equality, empathy, accountability and responsibility

How does it work?

The approach works through using a set of questions based upon Five Themes which allow children and adults to talk through a problem with a view to restoring relationships .This does not mean that sanctions are not used but it does allow children to learn from their mistakes and develop lifelong skills to prevent conflicts from reoccurring.  The approach originated in the Criminal Justice System to mediate between victims and offenders with huge success.  Now these skills are being taught in many schools with the same positive results.  Weekly Circle Times ensure that each child feels a more valued and committed member of the class.