Learning Council

Rose Hill is very lucky to have a brilliant Learning Council of children who have been chosen to represent their class in discussions about what makes ‘Fantastic Learning’ in our school.  Each class in school from Reception to Year 6, as well as Patchwork, have a representative who is selected to put forward ideas and provide feedback to their classmates.  They meet regularly with Miss Poyser to participate in a variety of activities which aim to allow our pupils to play an active part in improving our curriculum and learning process.

We are a very busy team and take part in lots of projects to make our school an exciting place to be.  So far, these have included ‘How we learn’ where we investigated how our brains work and learn effectively, as well as ‘Reading for Pleasure’ which involved re-designing our school library and finding book recommendations.  We have enjoyed various visits to our local library in Marple, using their large collection of books to conduct research and had some interesting discussions with the librarians.

Alongside our main projects, we are also involved in subject specific activities to support the development of our curriculum.  We frequently do lots of pupil voice activities, are involved in book scrutinies and conduct learning walks around school to observe fantastic learning and explore different environments.  After consolidating our findings, we then meet with Mrs Mastrolonardo in the board room to show her what ideas we have come up with and discuss possible ways to make learning even better.