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Our Curriculum


Proud to Achieve

Our curriculum is grown from our agreed core values of;










Our Curriculum is purposefully designed to allow a progression of skills and knowledge so that children gain a deep and rich understanding in all subjects.  We have a topic approach to our curriculum and links between subjects are made when they are relevant and meaningful.  If not, subjects are taught discreetly, as a clear sequence of learning with support and challenge embedded.


Lessons are designed to develop and embed the core skills and values we want every child to leave Rose Hill with.  We provide adequate time for practice in order to allow children to embed knowledge, understanding and skills securely.  Vocabulary development is carefully planned across the curriculum and knowledge organisers are developed with the children throughout topics as appropriate for their age.


Attainment, progression and the impact of the curriculum through school are ensured and tracked through a range of strategies most relevant to the age group and subject.  For example: marking with follow up; 3 star challenges; discussion and talk with children; targeted questioning; EYFS trackers for all areas of learning.

 What Makes our Curriculum Special

Restorative Approaches

Restorative approaches are a way of being at Rose Hill. We encourage children to build relationships, maintain relationships and repair relationships. We have a team of Restorative agents who lead by example and support other children in adapting this approach.


Marple Community

Marple is a vibrant and alive community which Rose Hill is an important part is of. Our school has made links with numerous parts of the community including the Marple Historical Society, Marple Library, local businesses and Rose Hill Train Station. In this way learning is real and relevant to the children.

Learning Council

The Learning Council was set up in 2018 and its focus is to involve the children in the investigation of what makes ‘Fantastic’ learning at Rose Hill. Our main aim is for the children to become an active part in the design and improvement of our learning process. This year they are investigating the Rose Hill Fantastic Five: what makes Fantastic Teachers, Fantastic Lessons, Fantastic Behaviour, Fantastic Classrooms and Fantastic Playtimes.

Physical Activity

Our PE focuses on 5 key strands- these are participation, commitment to high quality PE, school/club links, sports competitions and leadership and volunteering opportunities. For the last 4 years, Rose Hill is very proud to have received the Gold Award based on all these areas and we are currently working towards receiving the exclusive Platinum Award this year. We believe healthy and active children perform better throughout their school journey and we are very passionate about encouraging this in our children.

PSHE/Personal Development

At Rose Hill, we have developed a PSHE curriculum that aims to safeguard children, support their spiritual, moral, cultural, physical development and prepare them for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. Our curriculum is split into three core values: ‘Health and wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World.’ Children are regularly given the opportunity to discuss and explore a range of PSHE topics through lessons and practical activities.

 Community Crusaders

At Rose Hill, we encourage the children to take an active role in supporting the local community. Our ‘Community Crusaders’ were established to ensure that children are given the opportunity to develop communication skills whilst creating charity links to support local and national charities. There are 12 children throughout KS2 who make up this team and work very hard to develop their knowledge of the wider world. In the autumn term, we are organising a range of activities to promote children in need and anti-bullying weeks where the children take a lead role in the creation and organisation of events.

Curriculum teams

Teachers are split into subject teams from a range of phases to allow for a collaborative, creative approach to subject leadership drawing on the skills, knowledge and expertise from our staff across the school. Subjects are monitored by teams and phase leaders with a big emphasis on pupil voice, how we can encourage the children to be the best they can be through each subject and how skills and knowledge are built on and progressed within each year group and from EYFS to Year 6.

Forest School

We currently offer all children in Year three a chance to engage in a block of Forest School sessions over the year. Forest School is an inspirational process that offers learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a natural environment. Many activities are spontaneous and based upon the children’s interest. Activities can include; woodwork using tools, fire lighting, using knots and building shelters.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We offer our children a number of different extra -curricular activities through staff and external specialists. These include orchestra, choir, gardening, sewing, music lessons, yoga, skateboarding and a range of sporting activities.

Celebrating Learning

Parental involvement and engagement is hugely important to us at Rose Hill. We provide a number of opportunities for parents to support and celebrate their children’s learning, from celebration assemblies, express events, performances, homework, newsletters and Twitter.