In September 2015, we introduced the new National Curriculum using materials by Cornerstones Education which have been created to ‘build on inspirational learning activities and high-quality teaching.’

Each term, children are taught through Inspirational Learning Projects which are based upon the four Cornerstones: Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express.

Engage Children gain memorable first-hand experiences, such as going on a visit or inviting a special visitor and begin researching and setting enquiry questions. They get lots of opportunities to make observations and develop spoken language skills as well as take part in sensory activities.

Develop Children improve their knowledge and understanding of the topic and develop and practise their new skills. They compose, make, do, build, investigate, explore, write for different purposes and read across the curriculum.  Children are given opportunities to research their own questions and those set by others and complete homework activities that support their learning.

Innovate This is the stage where children apply skills, knowledge and understanding in real-life contexts. They solve real or imagined problems using everything they have learnt and get inspired by imaginative and creative opportunities. Children are also encouraged to revisit anything not fully grasped at the ‘Develop’ stage.

Express Children become the performers, experts and informers by sharing their achievements with parents, classmates and the community. They evaluate finished products and processes by linking what they have learnt to where they started. Most importantly this is a chance for them to celebrate their achievements!

To find out more about Cornerstones please look at the website

Our curriculum is based on half termly topics based around a theme. Where there is a mixed aged class, the topics are planned on a two yearly cycle so that children develop their skills and knowledge without repeating the subject area.Some maths, English and science may be incorporated within the topic if appropriate, otherwise, these subjects are taught as discrete lessons.

For your information, we have included on this site, targets in maths and English that your child will be working towards as well as information pages to explain current methods of teaching

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Phonics Scheme

The school follows the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme


Topic Webs



2017/2018 TOPIC WEBS

Year 6 Topic Webs Y6 Medium term plan Summer1

Y6 Medium term plan Summer2

Summer1 Fallen FieldsBR

Y6 Medium term plan Spring2

Y6 Medium term plan Spring1

Y6 Medium term plan Autumn2

Y6 Medium term plan Autumn1


Year 5 Topic Webs

Year 5 Autumn 1

Year 5 Autumn 2

Year 5 Spring 2

Year 5 Summer 2

Year 5 Allotment Summer 1 2016

Year 5 Stargazers Spring 1 2016

Year 4 Topic Webs Year 4 Autumn 2

Year 4 Spring 1

Year 4 Spring 2

Year 3 Topic Webs Year 3 Summer 1

Year 3 Autumn 1

Year 3 Spring 1

Year 3 Autumn 2

Year 3 Summer 2

Year 3 Spring 2

Year 2 Topic Webs Year 2 Autumn 2

Year 2 Summer 2

Year 2 Spring 2

Year 2 Spring 1

Year 2 Autumn 1

Year 2 Summer 1

Year 1 Topic Webs Year 1 Autumn 2

Year 1 Summer 2

Year 1 Spring 2

Year 1 Spring 1

Year 1 Autumn 1

Year 1 Summer 1

Reception Topic Webs Reception Autumn 2

Reception Autumn 1

Reception Summer 1

Reception Spring 2

Reception Summer 2

Reception Spring 1



Half termly topic webs outline the objectives and skills that are being taught in each year group linked to the national curriculum. Copies of those can be seen below


Current Summer Term Summer 2 2017 nursery

Previous Topic Webs Nursery Spring 1 2017


Current Summer Term Summer 2 topic web Reception 2017

Previous Topic Webs

Reception Class

YEAR ONE Rio de Vida topic web – yr1

Current Summer Term

Previous Topic Webs

Year 1 Topic Web

Year 1


Current Summer Term – Rio de Vida topic web – yr2

Previous Half terms

Year 2 Topic Web

Spring Term –Year 2


Current Summer Term 

Previous Topic Webs- Year 3


Current Summer Term 

Previous Topic Webs – Year 4


Current Summer Term – Year 5

Previous Topic Webs –

Year 5 Topic Web

Year 5


Current Summer  Term summer 2 2016-17 Year 6

Previous Topic Webs

Year 6 Topic Web

Year 6


Current Summer  Term

Previous Topic Webs

Resource Base 1


Current Summer Term

Previous Topic Webs – Resource Base

Resource Base 2 Topic Web

Resource Base 2