Charging and Remissions Policy

 Lettings Policy

The letting of the school premises by the community is welcomed, subject to the following conditions:-

    • Use of the premises for school functions will take priority over lettings.
    • The Governing Body will set charges for lettings guided by these principles:-
      • Lettings to the School Association will be free of charge.
      • Lettings to bona fide community groups will be charged at cost, to cover caretaking, energy, wear & tear, administration
  • In the event the school is used as a polling station the relevant authority will be charged the actual additional costs incurred by the school.
    • Lettings to all other hirers will be charged at cost plus a profit margin determined by the Governing Body.
  • Income derived from lettings will be retained by the school and costs to the school of lettings will be met from this income.
  • Invoices for the letting must be paid within 14 days
  • The school premises will not be let to individuals or organisations if there is reason to believe that the name of the school will be brought into disrepute.
  • The school premises will not be let for functions where a Public Entertainment License is required.
  • Decisions whether to permit lettings will be made by the Governing Body. If the Headteacher believes a letting should not be permitted he will report the reasons to the Governing Body.
  • All persons hiring the school premises will be expected to conform to the relevant Health & Safety regulations.
  • All hirers must carry sufficient Third Party Liability insurance to satisfy Stockport Council requirements. (Currently £2,000,000) evidence of this must be show to the school on booking.



The aim of this policy is to set out procedures for the letting of Rose Hill Primary School premises, to provide maximum safe use of the facility for the Community, whilst retaining their condition and character.




Applications must be made direct to the Headteacher, preferably 28 days before the use of the premises is required. An official Booking Form will then be sent to the Hirer stating the details of accommodation, date, times and conditions of the letting together with the charge.




The Hirer shall effect Third Party (Public Liability) Insurance within a minimum indemnity limit of two million pounds for any one occurrence to cover its legal liabilities for accidents resulting in injuries to persons, including the hired premises, arising out of the letting of educational premises. We require a copy of this Third Party Insurance Policy at the time of booking.




Breakages, damages or loss will incur a charge to the Hirer to recover costs. There is an expectation that the Hirer will leave any hired facility in a clean and tidy condition. If this is not the case, sanctions will also apply to cover any costs.




The hire of a piano or OHP is classed as a specialist facility and as such, VAT is chargeable. It should be noted that people hiring the premises must not use School equipment, material etc. unless they have received written permission from the Headteacher.




1) Hire of Hall/Classroom/ or other accommodation WITHOUT specialised facilities –                  EXEMPT.


2) Hire of Hall/Classroom/or other accommodation WITH specialised facilities – VAT at 20.00% on the specialised facilities alone e.g. Whiteboards,Computers.


3) Charging admission to premises or events or for parking – VAT at 20%.




Kitchen use is only for making hot drinks, serving food and washing up . Any damage or loss to light equipment, crockery, cutlery, glass etc. will incur a charge to the Hirer to recover costs. Any use of consumables e.g. coffee, sugar etc. kept in the kitchen will incur a charge.





No alcohol is permitted on the premises without the express permission of the Governing Body.





Lettings subject to Legislation & Regulations


Use of School Premises for Polling Stations


The existing arrangements continue whereby the Borough Council arrange for the use of the school premises via the CYPD Section.




Invoicing – Hirers will be invoiced to claim payment and the income paid into the official Bank Account. On receipt of the income, the Hirer will be issued with an official receipt.


Site Supervisor


The Hirer, Headteacher or Governors will make no direct payment to the Site Supervisor.



Scale of Charges



These new charges are effective from 1st September 2015


An hourly charge of £30 per hour applies to all bookings


There will be an aAdditional costs for Site Supervisor £10 p/hr if required.


Additional Costs:-

There will be a penalty charge of £50 if the school is not left in a clean and tidy state.



Please click on the link below to open the school’s charging and remissions policy


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