Open Vacancy for Midday Assistant Vacancies

Rose Hill Primary School are always looking for enthusiastic and friendly Midday Assistants to work for one hour every day (12pm to 1pm) during the week.

The role requires the supervision of children at lunchtime in the playground, dining room and around school and you would help children with escorting them to the dining room, encouraging young children to eat their food, assisting with the development of good table manners. You would also help with the supervising of hand washing, cleaning up of spillages and ensuring the tables are clean.

The successful candidate will:

  • Enjoy organising playground games to ensure children’s lunchtime experience is a happy one
  • Have energy and enthusiasm
  • Have a positive approach to behaviour management and are determined to ensure lunchtimes remain a safe and positive experience for all children

The Role is paid £9.36 per hour and is for 5 hours a week, 39 weeks a year.

If you would like to apply please complete the application form below:

Support Staff Application Form