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23rd April 2021

We have had a very productive fortnight across school since returning from our Easter break. Comments from the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson have suggested that nationally poor behaviour is a significant issue after lockdown and that schools need to remind pupils ‘how to behave well’, but this is definitely not our experience at Rose Hill.  Your children have returned in a focussed and enthusiastic way since wider opening, which has enabled staff to quickly assess where they are up to in their learning and then determine what they need to get back on track.  However, there will be gaps in some children’s learning and clearly this will take some time to resolve, but teaching is underway to start to address this.

Other children have lost some confidence in their own ability without having the daily reinforcement of aspects of the curriculum in school, so some will be invited to additional booster sessions to restore their resilience and self-belief.  National SATS testing may not be taking place this summer term, but we still have the original end of year expectations that we need to work towards and it is important for our children to be confident learners as they move through school.  Our Pastoral Team continue to be instrumental in this work.

As we all have welcomed the return of some of aspects of normal life since 12th April, we can start to look forwards and plan once more in school too.  We have gingerly started some of our extra-curricular activities and hope that our end of term residentials will also be permitted, albeit in a socially distanced way.  You will be pleased to hear that some sports sessions in the school grounds, canoeing on the canal and swimming at Grand Central are underway.

In addition, there are aspects of planning for next academic year that always begin this term. We were delighted to hear that 82 families had put Rose Hill as their first choice for one of our 75 Reception places for September 2021 and look forward to warmly welcoming these families to our school community.

We regularly review our practice and your views are always crucial to how we move forward together.  Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator recently surveyed our SEN provision with the families she supports and the results will be shared when she has completed her evaluation.

Now that you are hopefully more settled with your children back in school, we would appreciate your views on your lockdown experience and that of our remote learning offer.  We hope that this way of teaching is firmly behind us and that there will be fewer bubble closures for all schools now lateral flow testing is readily available for everyone in the community, enabling positive cases to be more easily identified.  Please look out for our survey which will be sent out to you next week.

There is a sense of excitement in school and even the weather is bringing smiles!

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards,

Mrs Mastrolonardo