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“Every child is an artist” – Pablo Picasso

At Rose Hill we highly value the importance of creativity and encourage children to express themselves in their own individual way.  Every child from Reception to Year 6 has their own unique sketchbook where they are encouraged to record drawings, make observations/notes and review ideas.  We place a lot of emphasis on encouraging the children to experiment and make mistakes in their sketchbook, which can then be used as a tool to learn from.

We aim to support the self-confidence of our pupils and their ability to work both independently and collaboratively.  We also use our sketchbooks as a tool for enhancing resilience and encourage children to use them ‘to make mistakes in a safe place’.

The Art curriculum aims to inspire children to be creative and make artistic choices independently.  Across each year group a range of artists are covered and children are provided with opportunities to explore different techniques and interrogate artwork.  We follow four main focus areas (drawing, painting + colour, printing + pattern and sculpture) which the children build on as they progress up the school.

Classroom experiences equip pupils with knowledge of art culture and awareness of great artwork in the world around them.  They are able to use a variety of artistic equipment to broaden their skills and are encouraged to critically assess their own and peer’s artwork.  

“In my sketchbook I can be me”

“We need to learn how to arrange colours and shapes as it will help me when I grow up with things like decorating my house and knowing how to arrange things.”

“In Art I can use my imagination and show my feelings”​

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