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‘high-quality mathematics provides a foundation for understanding the world’
(Primary National Curriculum, 2014)

Rose Hill Primary aims to enable its learners to be confident mathematicians. We want our young mathematicians to have 'number sense' which they will apply to be able to solve problems, reason about mathematical concepts and apply their mathematical skills fluently in a variety of contexts.

In order to do this, we teach the National Curriculum Programme of study which covers: 

  • Knowing and using number
  • Adding and Subtracting
  • Multiplying and Dividing
  • Using fractions
  • Using measures
  • Using geometry
  • Using statistics

A Mastery Approach to Maths

Since 2015 Rose Hill has continued to be part of the North West Maths Hub and has developed a Mastery Approach to Maths. Teaching for mastery in Maths is essentially the expectation that all pupils will gain a deep understanding of the maths they are learning.

A mastery approach to the curriculum means pupils spend far longer on fewer key mathematical concepts, whilst working at greater depth. All children learn new concepts through concrete resources, then pictorial images before moving on to abstract calculations. Their understanding will be assessed at all times.  Gaps in learning are identified and addressed through day to day classroom assessments and formal termly assessments. Those children who grasp the concepts more quickly are given opportunities to deepen their knowledge and improve their reasoning skills.

Problem solving is central and opportunities are given for pupils to calculate and reason with confidence, ensuring an understanding of why it works. This ensures pupils understand what they are doing, rather than just learning to repeat routines. 

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