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WELCOME TO patchwork

Star Room children:

In the Star Room our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum but tailored to our children’s needs.  Alongside working towards individual targets, each half term will have an overarching theme which will be shared with you.  Our Autumn Term theme is Where do we live?   The children will be learning about the world at different scales, beginning with our school, then the UK and for the older children the wider world.  Our Spring Term theme is Time Travellers.  We will learn about how people’s lives have changed over time.  As in the Autumn Term, this will be at different levels –some children will be looking at changes within their lives and families, others will go back further in time beyond living memory and the older children will begin to make comparisons between periods of time in History.  For the Summer Term our theme is Our Wonderful World.  We will learn about the physical world, weather and seasons and some natural disasters. 

We also link with mainstream classes to share wider opportunities where appropriate.

Sunshine Room children:

In the Sunshine Room, our curriculum is based on exploration and discovery through teacher directed and child-initiated activities.  We use our indoor and outdoor environments to ensure children are enabled to explore and extend what they already know and can do.  Children spend time playing in areas that are carefully planned for to allow them to develop their skills.

We follow our children’s interests to create a personalised, tailored curriculum so themes and topics will vary.   The overarching theme for each term will match closely with the Star Room.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the characteristics of effective learning and is based on both the Early Years and Key Stage 1 curriculum.

Important Information for Patchwork:

  • The children will have an indoor and outdoor PE session each week.  The days will change depending on the year group they are in therefore please ensure your child has a PE kit in school every day.
  • We will also have Forest School sessions which require specific clothing – but will let you know well in advance!  As with PE, the children will be taking part in sessions with mainstream year groups so it will not be the same day for all children!
  • Please remember to bring your Reading Record every day.

We would encourage pupils to read at home every day to develop their love for reading and to practice key maths skills through everyday activities e.g. shopping, baking or helping in the garden.

We use an online system called ‘Class Dojo’ to share children’s learning in Patchwork.  This is done in partnership with parents and carers throughout the year.  If you are new to Patchwork, you will be sent an invite to join the Class in September.